The Path to Mindful Parenting: How to Create Safety & Emotional Wellness for Our Children with Traci Mausolf


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Meet Angela

I’m Angela Kristen Taylor and the founder of Integrative Productivity Coaching and the Productive Flow Method.

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The Path to Mindful Parenting: How to Create Safety & Emotional Wellness for Our Children with Traci Mausolf

The Path to Mindful Parenting: How to Create Safety & Emotional Wellness for Our Children with Traci Mausolf

Raising children who feel safe and accepted is the intention of so many parents, but our own childhood trauma can overshadow that and negatively impact our families. 

Mindfulness is a powerful tool we can use to bring out the best in ourselves and our children and create a healthier dynamic, and experience the joy of raising our humans. 

How do we eliminate damaging parenting approaches we might have picked up from our own experiences? How do we parent well while also healing from our own childhoods? 

In this episode, mindful parenting expert, Traci Mausolf shares how she helps parents transform their relationships with their children.


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"When you’re okay emotionally, you do better and it’s so true for our kids as well. Academic performance is really dependent on being emotionally and socially well. "

Traci Mausolf

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

How to make our children feel safe and accepted 
When we have our own childhood trauma, we can easily replicate negative patterns and keep the damage going. How do we break this cycle? 

How to get our own emotions in check so we can parent more mindfully 
What steps can we take to communicate with our kids in a more loving and constructive way?

The cure for parental guilt
Entrepreneurs who have children are often saddled with a lot of guilt. How do we filter out the negative stuff and focus on being present?


Guest Bio 

Traci Mausolf is a mindful parenting expert. She helps parents use mindfulness to have more balance, joy, and confidence. As a parent, you’re likely feeling exhausted and overwhelmed from keeping up with a fully loaded family calendar while trying to maneuver all those unexpected road bumps that come with parenting. The crushing weight of trying to keep it all together to maintain a happy family is leaving you feeling burnt out.

You dream of being more grounded with consistent routines, having healthier communication with your family, and marinating more in the family fun moments. Still, you’re unsure of how to dig yourself out of this hole and finally be the parent you know you’re meant to be. 

Traci helps parents keep their cool when chaos hits, communicate with their family members with care, commit to their self-care routines, identify and treat the source of their family’s stress, and meet their family’s needs without sacrificing their own. 

For more information on Traci’s 8-week program, head to or contact her on LinkedIn and Facebook


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