You Might be a Sales Matcher if… The Top 10 Telltale Signs


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Meet Angela

I’m Angela Kristen Taylor and the founder of Integrative Productivity Coaching and the Productive Flow Method.

I guide purpose-driven entrepreneurs to master their personal productive flow so they can stop living in chaos and achieve ultimate security and freedom.

You Might be a Sales Matcher if… The Top 10 Telltale Signs

You Might be a Sales Matcher if...The Top 10 Telltale Signs

A matcher’s approach to sales is a beautiful thing to behold, and when we get the training that aligns with who we are, we can surpass even our highest expectations. 

In order to grow our businesses and thrive as sales matchers, we have to know the traits we have working in our favor and the ones that hold us back. 

How can you tell if you’re more of a sales matcher than a sales hunter? In this episode, I share 10 clear signs that your approach to selling is a little different.

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"Being a sales matcher doesn’t make you wrong, weird, or that you have no value, it just means that you have a different way of doing things"

Angela Kristen Taylor

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

How to stop undervaluing yourself 
How does a doormat mentality mess with our boundaries and how we show up? 

Why sales hunters get the business so quickly and so easily
Our clients love what we do (they tell us all the time). How come they don’t refer business to us? 

How to motivate sales trainers on your team
What facets of traditional sales training make sales matchers feel incapable and undervalued?


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