From Chaos to Calm

How I went from chaotic hot mess to calm, balanced, organized, business-running, home-schooling, mom of five

I Know What It’s Like to

Live a Life of Chaos

You have a business, but it’s not where you want it to be, and you know you should be getting yourself out there more, but all the things you’ve heard of feel icky and salesy. You spend your time working on your website and finding ever better systems and tools that constantly keep you shifting and pivoting instead of having a structured plan in place that you can execute consistently.

This leaves you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, questioning if you’ll ever be able to make your business dreams a reality. When you get up and walk away from your overly cluttered desk, there’s just mess and disorganization everywhere you look. As the tension builds, you grab some cookies out of the pantry and nibble while you ask yourself why you can’t ever seem to make yourself do the things you know you should and then chastise yourself for ever believing you could be a successful entrepreneur when there are so many out there doing it better than you, bigger than you, and for longer than you.

I Was Right Where You Are Now

Listen… I get it. I’ve been exactly there, cookie in hand, saying those same things to myself.

The bigger problem was I was also struggling in a toxic marriage with a bipolar husband, and we had two young children. I wanted to leave him, but at the same time, I was scared to be on my own.

Could I do it by myself?

Would I really take the risk of putting my kids through the horrific divorce and custody battle my parents had put me through?

Could we separate amicably?

I didn’t think so.

I felt like a complete and utter walking disaster, and on top of all of that, I was struggling with anxiety that at times would become debilitating.

Did I mention my business was being a productivity coach?

Yeah… so all the traditional productivity methods… the same ones I taught to my clients, they didn’t work for me.

I could set all the goals, do all the things, and still be stuck, still be living in chaos. I felt like the world’s biggest hypocrite.

Then I Discovered

The Emotion-Productivity Connection

It wasn’t until I left my husband and was trying to figure myself out as a single entrepreneurial mother that I started realizing the impact of my emotions on my productivity. When I was having a bad day emotionally, I didn’t eat well, I didn’t take care of myself, I didn’t get any work done. Literally, I could sit at my desk, on my computer, and spin my wheels all day and into the night, feel ridiculously busy, and yet accomplish nothing. On a good day emotionally, I made better food choices, I exercised, I laughed and played with my kids, felt incredibly relaxed, and I could work only a few hours and get tons accomplished.

That’s when everything changed…

When I tuned into that fact, and believe me that took a while, I made the connection between emotion and productivity. That’s when everything changed. I also realized there was a strong connection between my emotions and my eating and exercise habits. When I ate better, I felt better, not just physically, but emotionally. When I moved my body more, my emotional state got even better. The trick was eating better and exercising when I wanted cookies and a blanket to pull over my head so I could hide from the world.

Eventually, I figured it all out, and when my clients would come to me saying the same things I had heard myself say, I started teaching them about the emotion-productivity connection and they got the same results I did… crazy success!

I wanted to understand this even more so I dug into deep research mode: general psychology, positive psychology, personal growth, spirituality, law of attraction, quantum physics, yoga, meditation, and even spent a year getting my integrative nutrition health coaching certification. I really loved the word “integrative”. In that program, I learned how nutrition was divided into two categories: primary and secondary foods. Primary foods were the things that fed our spirits and secondary foods were the things that fed our bodies. 

This is when I took that same concept and applied it to productivity, creating Integrative Productivity and soon after, my Productive Flow method to simplify your life and business while maximizing your income and freedom.

The Productive Flow Method Changed My Life

Seriously, when I applied the Productive Flow method to my own business, I was (and still am) able to take 16 weeks of vacation every year, take off every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and finish working by 2pm, Monday through Thursday. Tons of freedom! The best part though was having a consistent 6 figure income while taking all that time off and that was BEFORE I hired any help. As my business has grown and now begins to scale, my time input hasn’t changed at all.

All this free time has given me the ability to homeschool all of my kids, oh and I have FIVE now! I met the most amazing man in 2011 and he had two kids of his own. After we merged our families officially, I began homeschooling all the kids in 2012 and in 2013, we had Zane, our crazy little monkey child.

My productivity had to go into overdrive but I was able to easily maintain a large home, care for our four dogs, homeschool four children, breastfeed and care for a newborn, teach live in-person classes 3 times a week, and coach 40 entrepreneurs. I wasn’t stressed out either… because I was still able to read, relax, have all 3 meals with my family every day, and my house was clean and organized. No housekeeper, no help, just me, my husband, our five kids, and all my productivity know-how.

Today, our four oldest kids are grown and we’re down to Zane and three dogs and life just keeps getting better…

Unlock Your Natural Productive Flow

Integrative Productivity is all about creating a natural flow that aligns with your unique needs and values. It’s not about blindly chasing after arbitrary goals or forcing yourself into someone else’s mold. Instead, it’s about understanding the emotional drivers behind your behaviors and using that knowledge to build a balanced and fulfilling life.

Productivity isn’t just about getting things done; it’s about how you approach life as a whole. It affects how you eat, how you interact with others, how you treat yourself, and even how you grow your business.

Let’s work together to clear away the chaos and find your own natural flow. We’ll heal the emotional barriers that are holding you back, and build a life that’s tailored to your unique strengths and desires. With Integrative Productivity, you can create a fulfilling, sustainable, and successful business without sacrificing your health, well-being, or happiness.

Working with Angela Taylor is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Her soulful and balanced approach to creating a successful business is what drew me to want to work with her. She helped me to discover how to do business in a way that is right for me. After working with Angela I gained a deeper sense of self-confidence working with my clients, I also learned how to find a healthy work/life balance. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.

Jordan Hunter