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Find Your Natural Productive Flow

Your Life and Business,


This business productivity audit is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, sales professional, and/or team leader interested in up-leveling but feel your daily productivity (or that of your team) is sluggish, inconsistent, or somehow standing in your way OR your business is amazing but you have -0- time left to actually enjoy your life or start your next-level project. Together, we’ll get to the root of your productivity issues, allowing you a clear path forward into the success you know is waiting for you.

When you feel good on the inside, you perform better on the outside.

My Productive Flow Method is shifting how we approach productivity and goal achievement. Instead of hustling harder and 10xing your day, we work together to find your natural flow so that you can be your true self without the stress, disorganization, or chaos. 

Together we’ll seek to understand and clear through the emotional blocks keeping you stuck in overwhelm and self-doubt while guiding you in building the solid strategic foundation your business needs to succeed and scale so that you can maximize your income, your happiness, and your free time simultaneously.

You have lots of ideas, too many sometimes, and it’s so easy to get caught up in “shiny object syndrome” that you lack consistent focus. Even though you know you have a passion for serving others, nothing you try to do seems to bring them in the door. Of course, “trying” hasn’t really been consistent either. It’s more like a series of stops and gos based on if you happen to be feeling on fire about your potential amazing future that day or if you’re worried about jumbling up your words on that live stream you meant to do. Underneath all that back and forth…

How amazing would it feel to have your business strategy not only perfectly planned but running on auto-pilot and delivering steady streams of perfectly aligned clients?

“When I first started coaching with Angela I was a mess. I thought I had it together but was far from it! I have been an agent for 17 years and didn’t think there was a coach out there that could help me get from where I was to where I wanted to be. But after one conversation, I knew she was the coach for me! She has not only helped me with my business but with my personal life as well. I have a different approach to life in general, one where I am living the life I have always dreamed of living! One without doubts and fears. One where I am connected to my soul and aware of what is going on with my business and my personal life. I am very excited to see what the future brings but one thing is for use, it will have Angela in it! If you are considering her for your coach, give yourself the gift and have the first call!”

Dawn L

I’m Angela Kristen Taylor and the founder of Integrative Productivity Coaching and the Productive Flow Method.

I guide purpose-driven entrepreneurs to master their personal productive flow so they can stop living in chaos and achieve ultimate security and freedom.

Productive Flow Alchemy is The Journey Alchemist Collective, an on-going group membership that brings productivity together with rapid transformational hypnotherapy, human design, and ancient women’s wisdom. This is designed for women only and dives deep into the “woo”.

Productive Flow Prosperity is an opportunity to have Angela lead and guide you and your group of other entrepreneurs and/or sales pros. It’s a great low-cost way to bring your biz/accountability partners, biz besties, or co-workers together to achieve your ultimate best in business and in life.

For the high-achieving visionary looking to grow their life and business through the integration of all four elements of productivity. This is a private coaching experience so spots are highly limited. Book your Productivity Breakthrough Session to see if Visionary is right for you.

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“Working with Angela has been pivotal for my business. Unlike other coaching programs that are purely transactional, Angela focuses on what business is all about: Relationships. She has the ability to cut through all of the excuses and really focus on what the root of a problem may be. She digs deep into the personal issues I believed I had a handle on, or convinced myself they weren’t important. She shines the light so I can see just how much of an impact all of those emotions I was ignoring have on every other aspect of my life. Since working with her I’ve had huge personal growth, a big shift in my business, and a deeper meaning to why I go to work everyday. I am managing to balance work, life, marriage, kids and myself.”

Mattie M