In my nearly 20 years of coaching...

I’ve done both 1:1 and groups. I always told myself this story that the private coaching was the most powerful because it allowed me to focus in on the one unique individual with their unique needs and I believed this type of coaching allowed me to go deeper with them and customize my work differently to them and their unique situation.
Then I ran this one small intimate group with only 5 women. That group forever changed my belief in 1:1 being the strongest form of coaching for my clients.
I saw these women grow stronger together, support each other, and even travel to meet one another. They were vulnerable, shared laughter and tears, and there was a sense of trust and safety in this little tribe we had built together that I simply could not replicate in a 1:1 setting.

It was after this experience that I realized I wanted to begin phasing out my 1:1 coaching program and replace it with an even better intimate group mastermind, one specifically focused upon high-achieving entrepreneurs who have already experienced success in their business but are ready to grow and scale even more while learning how to work less and spend more time enjoying the life experiences they want to have.

This small and intimate mastermind group will serve as a safe container to work on the very things that seem to hold you back from taking your business beyond six figures and still allowing you to enjoy a life of freedom. While these things always fit within one of the four elements of productivity, there will be no subject off-limits as we explore the depths of our emotional roots, get our energy and power back, find the time to experience life on our terms, and create the strong focus and strategy to truly do it all without losing motivation along the way.

On weeks 1-3 of each month, you’ll have your group session with me and each member will have an opportunity for focused time with input from the other group members, each of them a successful business leader in their own right.
On week 4, you’ll have a group session with Meena, our Executive Business Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapist.
You’ll also have access to tons of recorded content from Clare, our Business and Personal Development Mentor and Emmalyn, our Health and Wellness Coach. They’ll also be checking in with you weekly via text to help with your individual needs.
We will occasionally bring in guest experts as special bonus calls for you and don’t be surprised if you occasionally find a little something extra in your mailbox, courtesy of the team.
Because we want to bring the most value to our mastermind members, this is a highly selective, application only opportunity that is highly limited and if accepted, requires a minimum 6 month commitment.

Once you submit your application, you’ll be notified within 7 business days if you qualify for a personal interview to determine if the mastermind is a mutual fit and if so, provided with a scheduling link.