Are you a Journey Alchemist?

It Took Me 20 Years

That’s right… 20 YEARS to create a system that WORKED and went beyond all the traditional productivity methods and hacks that everyone else was talking about. What I learned was that the people who created those traditional systems had never had a productivity problem to begin with. How could someone who’d never faced my struggles, create a system that would take me out of them and into success? 

There’s simply no way they could because they didn’t understand what it took to break through the productivity barrier when you’re lost, stressed out, and overwhelmed, living and breathing chaos. The system I developed was honed carefully over a 20 year process, through trial, error, and intense study, then practiced successfully, not only on myself but on many others. 

Now is your opportunity to experience a lifetime of transformation in quantum leap fashion.

I’m Angela Kristen Taylor and the founder of Integrative Productivity Coaching and the Productive Flow Method.

I guide purpose-driven entrepreneurs to master their personal productive flow so they can stop living in chaos and achieve ultimate security and freedom.

This is an on-going membership program because support and growth are the biggest factors in continued success. Together, we amplify each other’s growth and impact.

Now what I’ve found is that there are lots of modalities we can work with to connect with our inner truth, our purpose, heal what’s holding us back, and move forward with confidence. That’s why I partnered with other amazing practitioners to create the Journey Alchemist Collective where we hold nothing back and dive deep into alternative methods that give us access to our soul’s greatest power. 
Angela Kristen Taylor, your Integrative Productivity Coach, will walk you through how to harness the power of your emotions to accomplish Beyonce-levels of productivity. She’s mastered the art of not losing your mind to chaos and fear and instead accomplishing BIG goals while living an EPIC life. 
She’s a 5/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator
Meena Hissami, your Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist and Coach, will guide you through live hypnotherapy sessions to first identify the beliefs and emotions holding you back from fully pursuing your goals and then create & embody a new set of empowering beliefs & perceptions that create a more powerful, fluid & satisfying experience of life.  Fair warning – her meditations may just reveal life altering wisdom hidden inside of you.
She’s a 2/4 Sacral Generator
Rachael Weaver, your Soul-Aligned Human Design and Copywriting Expert, will demystify Human Design and how you can use it to easily attract your goals instead of chasing them further away.  Her superpower lies in setting your message on fire while holding space for you to step into your soul’s true path and purpose.
She’s a 4/6 Sacral Manifesting Generator
Clare Belmont, your Wise Woman Spirit Guide, will show you what’s possible when you truly believe in yourself, your gifts, and open your heart to womb wisdom and ancient feminine ritual.  Women Who Run with the Wolves pulses through her veins, so don’t be surprised if you activate your WILD during your time with her!
She’s a 1/3 Sacral Manifesting Generator

This membership program is designed to provide you with the optimum level of support to integrate the work we’re doing here with your existing knowledge and skills so we can work together to remove everything that holds you back while magnifying everything that pushes you forward and bringing it into perfect productive flow.


Four dedicated coaches/guides to support you with a live training/experience session each week on Tuesdays, followed by a live support session each week on Thursdays.


Recorded replays for every Tuesday session so you can digest at your own pace or rewatch as you like. 


Monthly live integrative productivity session to help you connect the dots between your life and your business, supporting you in taking action. 


Monthly live group hypnotherapy session with bonus recording designed to release & rewrite any blocks around the current month’s theme.


Monthly live human design session to take you deeper into understanding your true voice, path, and purpose in relation to the current month’s theme.


Monthly live woman’s wisdom session so you can tap into the ancient feminine, step into your own personal power, and delve into self-care at the highest level. 


A member’s only community hub and messaging group so you can stay connected, access all program content and replays, and always have access to the support you need.


Special live guest teacher sessions on five week months to enhance your journey by introducing you to additional modalities to support you.

Pay for What You Want or Get Full Access

This is your opportunity to create a whole new kind of life for you- to take your business to a level you haven’t experienced before, and to finally, fully, bring your life and business into harmony, while leaving the stress and chaos behind.


This is an on-going membership program that is already in progress and can be joined at any time.

Most productivity coaches don’t understand the connection between emotion, energy, and productivity because they haven’t come from a place of productivity struggle and they focus more on the masculine mechanics. They teach you their system instead of helping you develop your own. Integrative Productivity takes a more “woo” outlook on it and focuses in on the science behind the magic, combining etheric energy principles with hypnotherapy for present and past life block clearing, human design, and ancient feminine wisdom, with Angela’s integrative productivity concepts. This offers a high level of support in multiple modalities for optimum results, and goes beyond tips and tools to help you develop and implement a full and sustainable life and business system unique to you.

This program is designed for entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are purpose-driven and want to improve the lives of others in their own unique way, but are too stuck in chaos, distraction, and fear to follow through on that purpose. They find themselves unfocused, easily distracted, lacking in time management, have difficulty securing the clients they truly want to serve, and are embroiled in chaos daily. They know what self-care is but never make the time to engage in it, tend to eat what brings them comfort, and are living with plenty of self-doubt. If that sounds like you, you’re in good company here and this program was designed to assist you in the ways you most need. It will help if you’re open to concepts like meditation, energy healing, and intuition because we use these tools in the program. If you’re still not sure, you’re always welcome to schedule a Productivity Breakthrough Session to identify the right Integrative Productivity program for you, based on your unique needs. 

There are limited openings for Productive Flow 1:1. This is a direct experience working with Angela. This 1:1 coaching program is for visionary individuals looking to scale their business upwards or segue into a new dream vision. It requires a minimum 6 month commitment with a minimum investment of $15,000.

20 Years or Quantum Leap?

The world is full of information. You can join a business program, hire a life coach, a health coach, get readings, have hypnotherapy sessions, dive deep into self-help books, and try to connect all the dots between them yourself, but how long will that take you? How will your business thrive until you pull it all together? The Journey Alchemist Collective is the coordinated fast track. I’ve already taken that 20 years. I’ve already sorted through all that information and connected all those dots. I’ve created, tested, and honed the process you need to do it all and do it now. The only question left is… Are you ready?