Productive Flow Essentials sounds like an amazing program (and it is!) but you’ve taken programs before, done great while in them, and then quickly fallen off the proverbial wagon once the program was complete.

Ask me how I know this…

I’ve been there myself and know just how hard it can be to maintain all the balance and structure you worked so hard to implement once the support has been pulled away.
You want to hold onto the balance and structure you’ve built and be held accountable to continue doing so until it becomes second nature. This is why I created Productive Flow Mastery, an on-going support membership for those of you who have already completed Productive Flow Essentials and want to continue growing, scaling, and achieving without getting stuck along the way with no one to turn to or worse- reverting to your old habits when you hit a bump in your path. 
In Productive Flow Mastery, you will continue to work with all four coaches from Essentials, continue your weekly check-ins with Clare and Emmie, continue meeting with your support pods each week for accountability and peer support, continue monthly calls with Meena, continue 3 monthly hot seat calls with me, and we’ll even bring in occasional guest speakers to help you up your game as you continue on the path to growing and eventually scaling your business while enjoying the life experiences, growth, and contribution you want to make in the world.
The investment for this program is only $497/month with a minimum 6 month commitment, although you’re welcome to stay as long as you like and feels right for you.

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