The Holidays Are Upon Us: Here’s How to Keep Your Cup Full


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Meet Angela

I’m Angela Kristen Taylor and the founder of Integrative Productivity Coaching and the Productive Flow Method.

I guide purpose-driven entrepreneurs to master their personal productive flow so they can stop living in chaos and achieve ultimate security and freedom.

The Holidays Are Upon Us: Here’s How to Keep Your Cup Full

The Holidays Are Upon Us: Here's How to Keep Your Cup Full

Between family gatherings, planning, and squeezing our work into tighter timeframes – the holidays can be an emotionally loaded time. We feel overwhelmed at the thought of everything we have to do, that we may have to navigate some challenging family relationships, and then there’s the prospect of the year ending and all the feelings that come with that. 

We don’t have to burn ourselves out to get through the holidays. There are ways to make things run smoother and maintain a healthy state of mind. 

How do we get out of the holidays rested, joyful, and with our cups full? 

In this episode, I share my tips for getting through the next couple of months with your mental health intact.

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"We can only control so much, other people’s reactions to you making choices is on them and it has everything to do with how they feel about themselves and not about you."

Angela Kristen Taylor

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

How to eliminate work stress
How do we plan ahead to have time for our loved ones and ourselves? 

Why family overwhelms us and how to avoid it
Family is one of the biggest stressors during the holidays, how do we maintain boundaries without feeling guilty?

The key to starting the new year strong
What can we do to start putting what we want for next year into action?


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