Michael Brant DeMaria on The Power of Turning Up the Volume on Our Souls


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Michael Brant DeMaria on The Power of Turning Up the Volume on Our Souls

Michael Brant DeMaria on The Power of Turning Up the Volume on Our Souls

Society has a way of conditioning us to ignore our own souls in favor of the ego. As a result, many people walk the conventional path and find themselves in deep inner pain; looking successful on the surface, but with their souls desperately screaming in pain for something higher. 

This is the experience Michael Brant DeMaria had – burying his true self for his initial career path, then breaking away from that conditioning to build the life he truly wanted.  

How did he completely change his life from one of depression and compassion fatigue to creativity and inner peace? 

In this episode, the Grammy-nominated musician, author, and teacher talks about his life journey, and the experience that changed his entire trajectory.

Watch the Full Episode:

"The soul demands self-determination but also has its own inner GPS if we get quiet enough and listen."

Michael Brant DeMaria

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Why inner work is so necessary
When we’re born we’re more soul than ego, how does society’s construct change this? 

How to recover from codependency
Why are empaths so prone to compassion fatigue? 

The truth about workaholics
How do we create such aligned existences that every aspect of our lives is a vehicle for our soul work?

Guest Bio 

Dr. Michael DeMaria’s life turned inside out and upside down after the first decade of his professional life when he underwent a life transforming “lament in the wild” (vision fast) without food or water, guided by a native teacher. He went there suffering compassion fatigue and burnout from having worked for many years with severe cases of child abuse as a child protection team psychologist. 

The experience provided a profound healing, a course correction and gave him a vision for his life. Ever since his mission has been to help guide others to what he calls, “The ocean of peace that lies within.” He does this through his work as a musician, artist, poet, filmmaker and teacher. His healing music is heard over a million times a week across the world, garnering him four Grammy® nominations, 8 ZMR awards, 6 #1 albums, a Native American Music Award and appearing on the Grammy® Winning album, All About Bullies Big and Small. He is also a Sounds True recording artist with his music being featured on projects with Eckhart Tolle, Mark Nepo and Noah Levine. 

He is the author of 4 books, 3 of which were bestsellers, and is the creator and author of the Peace Within Process for Integrative Wellness. His newest book of poetry When All is Lost: Finding Heart in The Dark was released in 2020 and Souling: Birthing and Tending a Soulful Life is due out in 2022.

To get into Michael’s world, head over to https://michaeldemaria.com. To get access to his Peace Within Program, head to alldaypeace.com. You can also listen to his music on Spotify or Apple Music.