How Jenna Banks Went From Self-loathing Trauma Survivor to Confident, Thriving Entrepreneur


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Meet Angela

I’m Angela Kristen Taylor and the founder of Integrative Productivity Coaching and the Productive Flow Method.

I guide purpose-driven entrepreneurs to master their personal productive flow so they can stop living in chaos and achieve ultimate security and freedom.

How Jenna Banks Went From Self-loathing Trauma Survivor to Confident, Thriving Entrepreneur

How Jenna Banks Went From Self-loathing Trauma Survivor to Confident, Thriving Entrepreneur

When you’ve endured and survived childhood trauma, operating in survival mode is all you know, and it’s hard to tap into resilience.

In order to heal and start thriving, we have to get underneath our emotional shell, and examine how our challenges impacted our self-worth. 

Without this process – we won’t be able to make ourselves our highest priority, and build the businesses and lives we dream of.

In today’s episode, I’m joined by social entrepreneur, speaker, self-love advocate and author of “I Love Me More”, Jenna Banks. She shares how she overcame tremendous trauma, and the important lessons she’s applied in her life.

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"If you don’t believe you’re worth it, it’s not going to be reflected in the outside world."

Jenna Banks

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

How to overcome self-loathing
What steps can we take to feel genuine self-love and feel worthy of good things despite our childhood trauma?

How to stop overgiving 
Our childhood experiences often leave us feeling like we’re responsible for everyone else’s happiness, how do we start prioritizing our own? 

The positives we can take out of the bad situations we’ve lived through
How does the resilience of being a trauma survivor empower us in other areas of our lives?


Guest Bio 

Jenna Banks is a social entrepreneur, author, speaker and self-love advocate whose work has been featured in media outlets that include Forbes, ABC, NBC and Authority Magazine. Against all odds, she pivoted from the self-loathing survivor of a traumatic childhood and a nearly fatal suicide attempt, to a fully empowered woman who knows her worth.

Following her passion for entrepreneurship, she started a home-based business with just a GED, $400 and a laptop. She sold that business in 2019 for $500,000.

Having achieved business success, she’s now focused on her mission to fulfill what she sees as her ultimate life’s purpose; helping women embrace their value and power through self-love. 

Her new book titled “I Love Me More: How To Find Happiness And Success Through Self-Love” was recently released and is available bookstores across the USA as well as online.

For more information, visit https://jenna-banks.comBuy I Love Me More: How to Find Happiness and Success through Self-Love here.