How to Create Launch Events That Align with & Attract Our Dream Clients with Shelley Brook


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Meet Angela

I’m Angela Kristen Taylor and the founder of Integrative Productivity Coaching and the Productive Flow Method.

I guide purpose-driven entrepreneurs to master their personal productive flow so they can stop living in chaos and achieve ultimate security and freedom.

How to Create Launch Events That Align with & Attract Our Dream Clients with Shelley Brook

How to Create Launch Events That Align With & Attract Our Dream Clients with Shelley Brook

Every entrepreneur wants to be so aligned in their marketing, it effortlessly attracts their ideal clients. 

Launch events are the number one way to attract audiences who adore what we have to offer and experience authentic engagement from the very start of the relationship.

Instead of trying to sell to people with mediocre results, we can just be ourselves, bring people value and grow amazing communities. 

How do we plan events that bring value to our audiences and create enough trust that they want to work with us?

In today’s episode, launch event strategist Shelley Brook shares how she helps entrepreneurs build launch events that wow people and lean into the awesomeness we bring to the table.

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"If you’re not centered in yourself and you don’t believe in yourself, and that what you’re doing is worth being heard, your efforts will just fall flat."

Shelley Brook

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Why we need to serve at different levels
How do we use the build up to launch to provide mini-breakthroughs that bring people deeper into our worlds? 

How to align your emotions with a successful launch 
Before we even think of planning a launch, how do we make sure we feel worthy of the clients we want to attract? 

Why putting out a marketing message isn’t enough
Nurturing potential clients is something many entrepreneurs don’t do enough of, what steps can we take to make sure we actually follow through?


Guest Bio 

Shelley Brook is a launch event strategist. After years of studying and working in the online business world as a VA to coaches and marketing agencies, Shelley discovered her passion for helping coaches to bring their important message and teachings to the world through simple and impactful online launch events. 

Shelley has since gone on to help coaches and their teams create simple signature launch events that wow their community and turn followers into clients. With her 6 phase launch system, coaches have gone from 3 or 4 figure events to 5-6 figure signature events. Through one-on-one coaching and self-study resources, her passion is to help coaches everywhere change the world, one event at a time.

To sign up for Shelley’s Rinse and Repeat Masterclass go to and follow @shelleylbrook on Instagram.